A tasteful range of furniture and accessories
made by Dutch Design’s finest.



PUIK selects and coproduces, showcases and delivers.
Straight from the source to liven up your home,
or spice up any workspace.





That extra touch needed in your interior is created by our accessories. These items transform everyday tasks into something memorable. Each piece is a work of art that returns to the essence, yet has the power to make ordinary items memorable.


Creating the best possible use of space, Puik unites the minimal and the bold into an arranged marriage. An interesting combination of geometrics and soft curves combine to create minimalistic, yet eye-catching interior pieces to inspire you every day.


Puik sets the bar high with our seating’s. Combining different materials we aim to give you the right comfort. Our seating will be the eye catcher of your interior.


By seeking inspiration in primary shapes and colors, Puik tables take a new turn on traditional functionality. Modest arrangements form sturdy and elegant products to transform your interior. Both practical and expressive, these items bring a new dimensionality to any space.


Phenomenal light compositions can be constructed with Puik lighting. By leaving out unnecessary elements minimalistic perfection is achieved. Our lights follow the poetic path of modernity, reestablishing the core of design into modern interiors of the future.


Light up your space with our newest lightening. Using unique materials all designs have a surprising edge. Iconic ‘wow’ items can excite instantly and are remembered forever.