Boon glasses

EUR 45

Boon glasses bring a spark of joy into your life with its bubbly shapes. Inspired by spring street fairs, full of rainbow colours and the smell of cotton candy, where clowns blow balloons and roller coasters make you scream.  Mix and match or take a wild card, nothing has to be ordinary in your home. Boon is an eye catcher that puts a smile on your face. 

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Weight 0,4 kg





2 pieces

Size (l x w x h)

8 x 8 x 18,5 cm


Grey/Green/Blue, Blue/Blue/Yellow, Pink/Amber/Blue, Yellow/Pink/Blue

Boon Glasses: Add a Touch of Joy to Your Home

Not just for bubbles

Boon Glasses are much more than just glasses. Inspired by the joyful atmosphere of spring street fairs, they conjure up images of rainbow colors, sweet cotton candy smells and clowns blowing up balloons. Like roller coasters that make you scream with excitement, these glasses add a spark of happiness to your life. Get carried away by their sparkling shapes and discover how to make your home exceptional.

Dazzling shapes

Boon Glasses stand out for their playful, original shapes and colors. Each glass evokes the lively energy of street fairs, bringing a festive atmosphere to your table. Mix and match these unique glasses or choose a “joker” glass for a touch of originality. With Boon Glasses, your home will never be ordinary.

A smile-inducing eye-catcher

When you opt for Boon glasses, you’re doing more than just buying glasses. You’re investing in a decorative piece that will brighten up your space. Thanks to their captivating design, these glasses become a conversation piece, catching the eye of your guests and bringing a smile to your face every time you use them.

Create a festive atmosphere

Boon Glasses are perfect for adding a festive touch to your dinners and parties. Whether it’s an evening out with friends, a romantic dinner or a special celebration, these dazzling glasses help create a joyful and memorable atmosphere.

Dazzling Visual Accent

When you’re setting the table for a dinner party or celebration, Boon glasses become a dazzling visual accent. Their unique shapes and vivid colors capture your guests’ attention and add an artistic dimension to your table decor.

Ideal for Cocktails and Special Drinks

Serve your cocktails and special drinks in Boon Glasses to add a touch of originality to your creations. These unique glasses become a blank canvas for your mixtures of colors and flavors, creating exceptional taste and visual experiences.

Encourage Conversation and Laughter

Boon glasses are not only functional, they also become conversation starters. Their playful design naturally encourages guests to ask questions and share their impressions. They add an interactive dimension to your dinners and parties, encouraging conversation and laughter.

Unforgettable memories

By using Boon glasses at your dinners and parties, you create unforgettable memories for yourself and your guests. Every sip becomes an opportunity to enjoy the conviviality and magic of the moment.


More than just glasses

Boon Glasses by Puik are much more than just glasses. They embody the joy of spring fairs and bring a festive touch to your home. Their bright, original design makes them an eye-catcher that’s sure to excite your guests. they bring a festive atmosphere and a touch of art to your dinners and parties. Their captivating design adds a visual and conversational dimension to your special events. Serve your special drinks and create lasting memories with these unique, dazzling glasses. At just €45 per set, Boon glasses give you the opportunity to create magical moments with every use. Add a touch of happiness to your space with these unique, sparkling glasses.

Prices and availability

Create Magical Moments for only €45 per Set

The Boon Glasses set is available for €45. With each set, you’ll receive a dose of fun and magic to brighten up your everyday life. Turn relaxing moments into special occasions with these bright and cheerful glasses.