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“I’m inspired by the Eastern culture which I transform into simple Western interior design to meet domestic needs ”

Istanbul-based Dutch designer Rianne Koens has spent half her life in Turkey, a country and culture which deeply inspire her work. Her Dost chair for puik is no exception.

I designed a chair that you can use in any situation in which space is limited, like the corner of your bedroom or living room. It’s compact, but it’s still very comfortable. That’s something I always care about. Dost is a chair in which you can be a little bit lazy, you can rest. Though it’s a kind of active comfort you’re getting. People say when they see my work they really want to touch it, and it’s the same with Dost. Its round edges are soft and friendly-looking, but it’s still a clean shape.


“I always try to find the essence in form, material and content.”

Rotterdam-based product designer Lex Pott is a selfconfessed ‘technique freak’. He explores existing methods and materials, using them in different ways to create new end results, or to add a twist to the process. His Facett mirror for puik is a prime example of this.

Design should be about making good things that last much longer than one season. We have this term ‘fast fashion’, we also have ‘fast design’. The ultimate definition of sustainability in terms of product design is just to make good design that lasts. That’s something I hope I can contribute to.

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‘For my work, I am always looking for easy to understand, produce and functional products. My style can be described as graphic, clean and using simple materials. Thus, I try to create a great effect with minimal resources.

The clean and graphic lines are typical of my designs. As well as the use of 1 simple material, crystal glass, in the products.’


“Traditionally design is about solving a problem. I don’t solve problems; I create possibilities.”

Rotterdam based Richard Hutten is one of the most influential and successful Dutch designers. He is well known for his conceptual and playful designs. A true innovator, he has established himself as one of the leading international figures in his field, continuously pushing the boundaries of design.



‘My design style is minimal, less is more, narrative and functional. Bringing people closer to a product, through story telling, use of materials, a craft or experience.’


“Within my designs, I strive for sustainable beauty and usability.”

Bas Vellekoop is known for his eye for detail. Those details are usually visible and essential to the overall design, forming a defining element of the aesthetics.

This style is reflected in Fold because of the origami-style detail in the table legs. The lasercut steel frame consists of eight individual parts that have been folded together, resulting in elegant joints and an impressive finish.

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Our design style is minimalist and elegant. It is reflected in clear lines, simplicity, particular, minimalist style, shadow.

There are 2 main inspirations from architecture reflected in the Monday collection:
1. The proportion system set up by monk Dom Hans van der Laan. He was a monk and designed several monasteries, among other things. His designs are characterized by their simplicity, light, shadow, texture and dimensional relationships. His proportion theory and distinctive design elements are reflected our design.
2. Muralla Roja by Richardo Bofil; seeing the playful stair forms in this apartment complex at the base of a rock in Spain inspired us to create the stair form in Monday Collection.


“Combining functionality with design is what I enjoy the most.”

Ilias Ernst creates functional and well-designed products which express simplicity and creativity with a surprising edge. This is expressed in the Tress with its simple and elegant design.

The combination of the curved top edge, straight sides and the way the light reflects on the rounding casts a beautiful glow.

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‘As a designer, I am looking for the balance between functionality, simplicity and beauty, because I believe that designs made in the right balance and made of high quality materials last the longest.

Using concrete as a material and its simple, natural look combined with a steel spring. The concrete base has a simple, functional form, where the size is adapted to the spring worthor it becomes a unit again. Using the spring has a clear function.’


“The close relationship between interior products and humans makes it much more interesting working on designs.”

Influenced by Dutch culture, product designer Frederik Roijé makes minimalistic designs built to last.

In my designs I play with archetypes and translate them into new products for this era. I try to make my designs as minimal as possible, and so the use of simple lines is important to me. Inspired by primary forms, a playful line of chairs was created with just two simple shapes. Uniting circles and squares in a geometric marriage. With these items, there’s more than meets the eye, as every new combination of chairs feels fresh and different.

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Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink design interior products that are practical as well as poetic. In most of their designs, they implement a playful touch that is predominant without being overdone. 



“In our designs we’re actually quite selfish, we design what we like. We just hope the rest of the world likes it too.”

The design style of Nieuwe Heren can be described as no-nonsense, clear lines, plain construction, yet playful. With the design of Shunan, they were inspired by the serene forests of China. At first sight, this table looks rather simple. But if you take a closer look, you can find a lot of interesting details like the way the table top is “hanging” in the steel table legs.

Nieuwe Heren chose to use the material steel for the table legs and wood for the tabletop, because of the interesting contrast and the though character of these materials.

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“How simplicity can hit”

Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille met while studying but it wasn’t until two years later that they reunited to collaborate on the playful redesign of an old Austrian chair, and Kranen/Gille was born. Fast forward several years to one of their latest creations – their Cone lamp is simple and elegant, but with a little edge.

We force a large steel disc over a mould to make the outer cone. The inner part is inspired by a lamp we all know – the simple plastic fitting with a little glass bulb you find in your cellar or loft – and that’s what we wanted to recreate, as a keepsake. We always try to make the next classic, thinking up and creating products which will stand the test of time. So if you install the Cone lamp now, it should be just as applicable in 20-25 years.

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