Mama Shelter Hotel Dijon, France

In the heart of the magnificent city of Dijon, Hôtel Mama Shelter has always captured the essence of warm, relaxed hospitality. To continue to offer an unforgettable experience to its guests. The Option chair is a centrepiece of the Mama Shelter interiors project, designed to reflect the unique soul of Mama Shelter. Benjamin El Doghaili, the Head of Design, shares his passion for the chair, explaining: “What we love about this chair is that it’s simple, whimsical and comfortable all at the same time. Personally, I love the idea of a seat worked using two fundamental shapes, the round and the square. Its sophistication complements its sobriety, making it a definitively Mama object.”

The judicious use of the Option chair in the hotel’s interior design brings a contemporary touch to the whole, while preserving the friendly, relaxed atmosphere that characterises Mama Shelter. The soft curves and clean lines of the Option chair are in perfect harmony with the hotel’s playful, dynamic aesthetic. By integrating the Option chair into the interior design, the project offers an exceptional visual and sensory experience. The bright colours create a unique and welcoming atmosphere for visitors to Lyon and Mama Shelter regulars alike. This successful fusion creates a space where comfort, fantasy and conviviality come together to offer a truly memorable Mama Shelter experience to all who pass through its doors.

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