Sandstep Healthcare, Utrecht

A cosy and designed work environment

Agnes Otten has recently redesigned Sandstep Healthcare offices with Puik collections. Meet the Fold designed by Bas Vellekoop and Shunan tables designed by Nieuwe Heren, alongside the PI collection designed by Richard Hutten and the Chester collection designed by lex Pott, making the Sandstep offices a comfortable workplace for everyone.

Sandstep Healthcare

In an era brimming with groundbreaking treatment methods and cutting-edge medical instruments, innovation in healthcare is paramount. Yet, amidst a temporarily stagnant macro budget and an ever-expanding demand for healthcare services, business innovation becomes equally imperative. Consider digitalization and task reallocation; they hold the potential to channel care efficiently and reduce costs. Sandstep Healthcare emerges with a clear mission: to revolutionize healthcare by crafting innovative and socially impactful healthcare solutions, thus enhancing the patient experience.

The essence of Sandstep Healthcare is encapsulated in its very name. Sandstep Healthcare initiates, nurtures, and oversees healthcare endeavors, gracefully stepping back as others become self-sufficient in supporting the product or service. Just as a walker’s footprints vanish along the shoreline at high tide, Sandstep Healthcare’s involvement fades into the sands of time. Those footsteps are Sandstep Healthcare.

Location: Sandstep Healthcare, Utrecht

Interior designer: Agnes Otten

Date: 2024

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