Design Milk: ‘Find Your Light in Every Room With These Key Lighting Tips’

‘The general or ambient light is often the main light source in a space – it’s evenly distributed and projects softly throughout the whole room. Most ambient lights have some sort of shade or diffuser that’s responsible for projecting the light evenly in your space.’

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The Groove lighting in living room by ELLE fotografie
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‘This large ceiling light by Puik Design perfectly projects light around the room. Created in collaboration with Dutch designer Ilias Ernst, the GROOVE Light embodies a classic silhouette and a shade made of powder coated steel for a modern yet casual look suitable for any space in the house. We’d recommend the large white GROOVE light for a timeless and modern ambient lighting solution, but Puik also recommends mixing and matching their sizes to create a high impact display (which we think would look lovely in a dining room!).’

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