Explore the different collections puik offers in in collaboration with carefully selected Dutch designers.

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Be inspired by the creativity of fellow interior architects and discover how our products can transform spaces into works of art. Explore previous projects and unleash your design potential.


Meet the artists behind puik’s large range of Dutch design products.


Welcome to Puik Design, your premier destination for interior architects seeking inspiration, innovation, and top-quality products. Whether you’re envisioning a sleek urban space or a cozy retreat, Puik Design is your partner in bringing your vision to life.


Inspiration and Product Details

Delve into our diverse collection of designs, meticulously crafted to inspire and elevate your projects. From timeless classics to cutting-edge creations, each product embodies elegance, functionality, and Dutch design excellence. Explore our curated selection of furniture, lighting, accessories, and more to find the perfect pieces to complement your unique style.

Meet Our Designers

Behind every Puik Design creation lies a story of craftsmanship and creativity. Learn more about the talented designers who bring our vision to fruition. Discover their inspirations, design philosophies, and the innovative techniques that define their work.

Catalogue Access

Ready to browse our extensive catalogue? Click here to explore our latest offerings and discover the perfect additions for your next project. From statement pieces to subtle accents, our catalogue has something to suit every aesthetic and functional need.

Interior Projects

Seeking inspiration from real-world applications? Visit our Interior Projects page to view stunning examples of Puik Design products in action. Be inspired by the creativity of fellow interior architects and see how our products can transform any space into a masterpiece.


At Puik Design, we’re passionate about empowering interior architects to unleash their creativity and transform spaces into works of art. With our commitment to quality, innovation, and unparalleled design, we’re here to help you realize your vision and create spaces that inspire. Explore Puik Design today and elevate your interior design journey.

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